Products Overview

The specialty of Sellowrap® products is that they are Light-weight, compact and environment-friendly. Variety and customization is one of our major USPs. This has enabled us to have a wide reach and strong impact. Plus, along with invention and technology, we also pay much attention to detail and that helps us devise the whole product perfectly.

Screen Sealing Parts

Parts: Door Protective Films

Customers: Maruti, Renault Nissan, M&M, GMI, SML Isuzu & Isuzu, etc.



Parts: Cover Fenders, Baffle, Seal Hinge Hood Parts, etc.

Customers: Renault Nissan, etc.


Foam Products

Parts: Door Protector, NVH Foams, Insul Pillars, etc.

Customers: Maruti, Renault Nissan, etc.


Lables & Stickers

Parts: Engine Cooling Fan, Safety Lock, Unleaded Fuel Free Lock, Tire Pressure Labels, Caution Labels, Fuel Economy

Customers: Maruti & Renault Nissan


EPP Molding

Parts: Tool Kit, Bumper- Core, Core Seat, Packaging, Foot Rest, Rear Bracket Bumper

Customers: Maruti, VW, GMI, M&M


Plastic Injection Molding

Parts: Fasteners, Grip Assist, Handle Window Regulators, Insul Fenders, etc.

Customers: Maruti, Renault Nissan, M&M, GMI, etc.